At Adroit Technologies we stay up to date on the changing landscape of social media (this includes reach) and online marketing algorithms in order to provide our clients with the best possible ROI for their online initiatives.

We feel that as Facebook continues to adjust it’s newsfeed algorithm it is important we keep our clients up to date on what that means for their Facebook presence and reach.

Facebook states that the newsfeed is a competitive place as there is continuously more and more content published on the site. As such, they must work to make sure Facebook users are seeing the content that they desire most. Facebook has determined that people would prefer to see posts from their friends as opposed to business pages.

In 2012, Facebook reported that Page content organic reach is only 16% of fans.

What does this mean for your page?

It means that Facebook advertising, particularly boosted posts, is becoming a more important part of making sure your content is showing up to the desired audience.

There are two main options for Facebook ads.

  1. Ongoing Monthly Ads.

– An ongoing ad alerts Facebook users that your business can be found online. It may alert them to general business information, specific products, daily specials, or upcoming events.

  1. Boosted Posts.

-A boosted post takes the content published to your page and pushes it out to Facebook users as an ad. Posts can only be boosted for a short period but they allow you to share more content than a monthly ad.